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The Pines Retreat

Where Memories Are Made

Mission Statement

Remember all the fun we had at those slumber parties when we were younger? The only difference now is we don’t want to sneak out to meet the boys!

I aim to create an environment that feels like you are in your home and you can make new memories while doing what you love. While big retreats have their place, I prefer smaller ones where I can spend time with my besties and stay in my jammies all day if I want to.

~Bev Dobberstein~

Escape to The Pines Retreat, Where Your Ultimate Getaway Awaits!

The Pines Retreat comfortably accommodates up to ten guests, ensuring everyone enjoys their stay. You can whip up a fantastic meal in our kitchen or gather in the family room for conversation, laughs, or hang out.

Whether you’re passionate about quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, or crafts, The Pines Retreat is the place to create memories.

You are invited to discover the inspiration awaiting you at The Pines Retreat!

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